Mid Winter and Spring is around the Corner

I’m not going to sugar coat things–– my happy mood usually goes from 100 to 0 this time of year. There’s something about frigid days and shorter temperatures that puts me into a mental downward spiral, but over the past few weeks, I have managed to crawl back to smiling.

I decided this summer I would have an agenda and stick to it for my Blabs .And so far, it’s working. 

At first, I knew I needed to just think positive

Keeping a positive attitude
This sounds stupid and simple, but every year when winter rolls around, I automatically assume I’m going to be down and bummed––this puts me in a negative mood because I’m thinking bad thoughts and it amplifies the bad energy. This year, I have been telling myself that it’s going to be the best !Tell yourself that it will be ok repeatedly, and you’ll start to believe it.

Give yourself fun things to look forward to
I booked a trip to the Bahamas for December  and I was so excited.  the break of 10 days away to balmy weather and visiting the Fish Fry made it feel like summer   If you cant afford a trip away, at least travel a weekend away toward a Southern State. The weather is not freezing and feels like football weather .

Do something good for yourself (at least) once a week that requires you to leave the house
Work/school and your normal routine don’t count for this. Instead of sitting on the couch or taking a nap, sign up for a new yoga class, go and get a facial, or treat yourself to a movie–– I just joined the YMCA and this push will keep me moving instead of becoming a couch potato.

Have a movie/lazy day
Contradicting my last point, sometimes it’s good to just relax and stay in bed if you feel like it. Today, after working out, I came home with hot chili and wine.. Awwww. Chili and bread and wine watching the snow fall  . There’s nothing better than putting on long PJs and comfy socks when the temperature is in the single digits outside.

Especially take your vitamins..

Try light therapy and Vitamin D Supplements
 My favorite thing in the world is sunlight. I’m a its biggest fan. I don’t know why light therapy works but it does.  Try it at least once and see for yourself.

 Sometimes, you just have to push yourself to get moving and you’ll build momentum from there.

So  Exercise! Exercise! Exercise!
If I could give you one tip for turning your winter around, this would be it. I have worked out for 14 days in a row now, and I have honestly never felt mentally or physically better. Doing so has allowed me to lay the foundation for a good routine that I want to keep up all year. Elle Woods was right when she said endorphins make people happy. Even if you start out with 30-minute walks, you’ll feel better, I swear. 

And change out your accents to yellows and pinks,  Buy a few plants.  Add them around. They make you feel spring is not that far away..

PS.  And remember to feed your birds. They will love you for it and you get to have their company all year.


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