Edible Birdhouses

Winter is coming and it is time to remember your feathered friends. 

I love putting out birdseed and suet , watching the birds come in to feed. Their songs can brighten anyone’s day. In my yard, I have such a variety of birds that visit. I don’t have a favorite as each on them are so pretty .  The small finches love the berries on the wax myrtles and flock in the top branches , flying in and out grabbing berries.  The cardinals stay for a while and actually perch for a while to eat.

While visiting Yankee Candle this year , I came across  Mr. Birds Edible Birdhouses.  They are absolutely gorgeous.   The prices started at  eighty dollars and I really didn’t want to pay that .  but I love the look and idea of the edible birdhouse.  When I got home, I started researching how to make an edible birdhouse and as you know, you can find anything on Pinterest.

Here is what I found.  

I  made two birdhouses and I plan to give  them to my grandchildren as surprise gifts for Christmas. They were very easy to make and I completed them in least than an hour.  I let them dry overnight and wrapped them in clear cellophane , complete with a red bow to give as a gift.  Super easy and so pretty

What you need.

 Birdhouse – you can either make one or buy one for fairly cheap at a craft store

Edible Glue – there are many recipes out there, or you can even just use peanut butter.  The recipe I used calls for flour, corn syrup, and gelatin

Different types of birdseed, raisins, dried fruit, raw nuts, etc.

Decoration – I went outside and gathered some pretty stalks of grass, holly berries, and sweetgum tree balls.  Use anything you can find (as long as it’s not poisonous to the birds!)

Step 2:  Make Edible Glue – I used a common recipe that I found online:

1/2 cup water
1 pkg. unflavored gelatin (1/4 oz.)
3 Tbsp. corn syrup
3/4 cup flour

Heat up the water and then dissolve the gelatin in it.  Then mix in the corn syrup and flour.  Using whole wheat flour will make a light brown glue, white flour will make a white glue.  Whole wheat flour is preferable for the birds as it is more nutritious.

I found that this glue is pretty workable for about half an hour before it starts setting up too much.

Step 3: Glue Birdseed and Decorate

Starting from the top down, spread a thin layer of edible glue on the house and then press birdseed, dried fruit, nuts, etc. into it.

What a fun quick DIY to share !


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