Pretty Red Truck

Last year, I received an adorable Christmas gift. It was a framed old vintage red truck with led lights shining in its wreath and headlights. It graced my mantel and I didn’t want to pack it away after the holidays. Guests loved it and all wondered where I got it.

So I asked my friend where did she find this great gift and her answer was ” I made it .” She told me she created it using a gift bag she had purchased at the Dollar Tree. She was kind enough to share me how she did it and was excited that I wanted to share it on my website.

She purchased a canvas, 10 bulb led lights, and a Christmas bag. Three dollars… all from the Dollar Store and started creating.

You cut the picture from the bag to fit the canvas. Using ModgePodge , you coat the canvas with it . Press the picture onto the wet canvas and let it dry. Once dry, put another coat of ModgePodge on it to seal it completely. Let it dry. Using an icepick or sharp scissor point, punch smalls holes where you would like to the lights to shine through. Be sure to make the holes from the front to push the frays toward the back of pic. On back of canvas, push the lights into the holes. Hot glue the lights box back of canvas to secure. It is now ready to frame and dress up your mantel.

I researched on You Tube Old Red Truck and Pinterest  Old Red Truck  and found that others used wooden backs and drill holes to put in the lights. In addition, instead of framing the picture, they use bows and string to hang. They are absolutely adorable .

Using LED lights as a basic part of a piece of canvas art has grown into a large trend for home decor. There’s something about adding that warm glow that brings the image to life and sets a mood. We especially love this touch for the holidays. Whether it’s a candle flickering in a wintry cabin window or headlights on a red truck, that little pop of light can transform the canvas into a glowing masterpiece. Christmas signs with lights on a Christmas tree look bright and multi-colored. There are many ways to brighten the place with decorations. It can be plain white or you can use clear bulbs that look elegant and stylish. You can even add baubles and other decorations that highlight the Christmas tree and offers the opportunity to last for the entire festive period.

I have gotten so excited about them , I used my creative juices in making one for Halloween to put inside my front door wreath and I am now creating a frame for display to use during the Thanksgiving holidays. Who knows, I may even make several to give away as gifts this year.
Sara Howell The pic is made with dollar store bags modge podged to canvas (vinyl applied first) then after it is dry I topcoat again then pop holes with a nail I hot glue in battery operated lights and cover the back with felt exposing a small Area so that batteries can be replaced




The pic is made with dollar store bags modge podged to canvas then after it is dry I topcoat again then pop holes with pointy scissors and hot glue in battery operated lights .

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