The Beauty of Succulents

Succulents are a drought-resistant plant, and oneof the more popular and well-known varieties isthe basic aloe plant. The leaves and tubers of succulentsare generally fleshy and water-filled. The best part of using succulents in your garden or home is they are easy to maintain, and even themost-unsuccessful gardeners can attain a flourishing crop of plants with little effort. I always thought you needed rocks for the bottom, but  no, the soil will fill in those rocks over time. Just make sure your pot has proper drainage. The worst thing you can do is overwater them.Because succulents are smaller in size, they make perfect plants for containers and terrariums.  They can be grouped together for an interesting variety of textures and colors. The best thing about succulent gardens is that they require little maintenance and look wonderful with almost no effort. If you’re wondering how to brighten your place up and have a small garden all year round, then creating one of these is ideal.

A big plus is that you can recycle items from around the house for planters.

I have seen succulents planted in old wagons andwheelbarrows and even in vintage tubs and pots.I used an antique colander above, which allows for good drainage.Using a mixture of different plants, I also added an assortment of mosses and lichen as filler, and it adds another element of texture and color.Give succulents a try in your own home or garden. And of course, delight a friend with the perfect gift of their own potted succulent garden. And if you decide to put them in some old farm boots,you’ll be gardening in official Southern style.                                            

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