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A simple and  fun way to add  a decorative touch is a Mason jar herb garden. Most herbs are extremely easy to grow and growing them in a jar is easy peazy  as long as you provide plenty of light and proper drainage.Mason Jar DIY Herb Garden | How To Grow Your Herbs Indoor - Gardening Tips and Ideas by Pioneer Settler at http://pioneersettler.com/indoor-herb-garden-ideas/:


A couple of herb garden Mason jars tucked into a bookshelf or resting in a sunny windowsill brings the outside into the kitchen. Plus, the added benefit is you can easily snip off a sprig from your jar of herbs for your latest culinary masterpiece. The easier herbs to grow in a jar are 

Just How Do You Start.

The first thing is finding the jars. Mason jars are the easiest and look great in the Farm House setting. I have  used Skippy peanut butter jars and decorated them with burlap ribbon and bows.  After finding your jars, wash them and let them dry.  You are now ready to plant your herbs.

Starting your jar of herbs from seeds in the Mason jar is not a recommended course of action. Using transplants is a surer recipe for success when planting herbs in canning jars, such as the plants for herb jars listed above. Herbs have roots that are a little larger than their top growth so be sure to use a jar that allows for the root growth. It is helpful to select drought friendly herbs in case of missed watering, and trailing herbs like some thyme look lovely in the glass jar.

Also adequate drainage is essential for your herbs , so I add a few stones in the bottom of jar before adding the soil. It also adds a cute look to the jar.

My favorite herbs are mint and rosemary because of their  fragrances. Bring them in from outside and their delicate hints of freshness fills the room.

Dressing up the jar is up to your imagination. I even top mine off with herbs spikes, complete with writing their names in chalk. 

Mason Jar Herbs

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