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Spring is officially here !  And it has put me  in the mood to change the look of patio furniture. What better way than to update cushions and pillows. I have so many pillows and they are still in very good shape. This year I decided I would make Pillow Wraps to add to them . They add just the right touch to my patio and the cost was so budget friendly.  I purchased a roll of burlap ribbon from Hobby Lobby

and also used ribbons I already had on hand from prior projects.  You  can stencil your burlap ribbon or apply premade adhesive letters or sayings.Image result for adhesive letters for burlap hobby lobbyImage result for adhesive letters for burlap hobby lobbyImage result for adhesive letters for burlap hobby lobby




I love simple sewing projects that have a big impact.  And this project is super easy.  All you have to sew is the Velcro closure on the ends of ribbon . So it is only 4 seams.  When wrapping a 12 inch pillow, you cut your ribbon 30  inches. This gives you plenty of room to adjust your wrap .  

Okay, now let’s make one, you’re going to need:

An existing pillow

30 inch ribbon of burlap  or any ribbon you like to wrap around your pillow

Fusible Seam Tape or velcro

Summer Pillow Sleeves by Melissa Mortenson of polkadotchair.com

On the front of the pillow measure how much of the pillow you want covered by the burlap or ribbon, this plus 2” will be the width of your pillow sleeve piece. 

Cut and then sew your velcro backing to the each end of the ribbon.  

Adhere your premade decal on front of burlap or stencil your saying.

Wrap around your pillow. You are done. You can dress up your patio within 30 minutes for less than 15 dollars. Now that’s a bargain.









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