National Bubble Bath Day

On a cold winters day, relaxing in a nice warm/hot bubble bath sounds like the perfect way to commemorate National Bubble Bath Day, which is celebrated annually on January 8 th.  More and more people are celebrating this national holiday. So much so greeting card companies have cards to send your favorite people celebrating the day. 

It is a great holiday to have a tea party with friends and share bath products and small bath gifts. I like sharing soothing bath recipes . I make my own bath soaks and give them as gifts in a jar .  Pinterest has tons of recipes too.

And while we are celebrating this fun day, it wouldn’t be complete without having Mr. Bubble close by.  Who hasn’t had a Mr. Bubble bath ? He is as American as  Buster Brown shoes.

Mr. Bubble  is the #1 brand of bath products in the United States and in 2011 it celebrated its 50th birthday.  Mr. Bubble is a brand of bath product made by The Village Company. He was created in 1961 in North Dakota .

 And we all know this slogan  ” Makes Getting Clean Almost as Much Fun as Getting Dirty!” 

 But did you know that Mr. Bubble   made several TV  appearances. His career as a TV celebrity has lasted through several decades. Mr. Bubble TV show appearances:

  • Family Guy
  • The Simpsons
  • 1983 Eddie Murphy Delirious
  • 1987 Gold Through the Fire
  • 1996 Ed (starring Matt LeBlanc)
  • Everybody Loves Raymond (Season 3)


So run a luxurious bubble bath today. Invite Mr. Bubble or add your own favorite soaks and bubbles. Add a bit of oil to the water to majorly moisturize your skin, light some candles for ambiance, grab a magazine and maybe a glass of wine and just totally bliss out for a bit.  Take the opportunity to treat yourself to some you-time and celebrate this National Holiday. And relax in your own Bedroom Sanctuary  Happy Bubble Bath Day !

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