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Spring is here!  Spring Mornings in Carolina are beautiful. Waking up before the sun rises and you see the mellow moon casting its light through shades of pinks. As the sun shows it glow, for about an hour you can see the sun and moon . The moon fades away in white. And the sun lights the horizons with streaks of gold, pink, and blues. Sunrise and dusk are favorite parts of your day in Carolina. The air is still a tad nippy . You can bundle up with your cup of coffee and enjoy the view . I like sitting by a fire. i saw an idea on Pinterest I just had to try.  It is a FireGlass Pit. It was so easy. I only needed three items. A terracota pot, three cans of sterno and couple of bags of fire glass. Just what is fire glass? It is glass that has been crushed,  tempered and the edges are smooth. It doesn’t combust or leave an odor. 

File:Flying Blue Sunrise.jpg



So how do you create your own tabletop pit ? Take your three sterno cans and place in your terracota bowl. I make a triangle shape . Add your fire glass. Completely surround your cans with the fire glass.  Fire Glass comes in assorted colors, so you have options on accenting your table. I love the blue. Watching the fire reflecting off the glass makes me feel cozy and the heat is just enough to warm the air while you enjoy the sunrise and your cup of coffee. It is the best way to start your Carolina morning.

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