Bunny Ear Napkins

image It’s spring! Fresh flowers are the best and easiest accents for Easter. They make a table come alive. There are so many table linens and napkins in spring colors. It is hard to choose. 

Easter Zig Zag Tablecloth

Source: Joss and Main

Personalised Colour In Easter Tablecloth

Source: Create Your Table Linens

A favorite of mine is to make bunny ears with the linen napkins. They look so adorable gracing the table for Easter. Just how to make them is easy.

Source: Bunny Ears

Fold the napkin in half and then in half again, forming a long rectangle.

Fold the right and left sides down to meet in the center, forming a point at the top.

Fold the bottom corners up, also meeting at the center.

Fold in the side corners so that they meet in a point. Your napkin should now be in a kite-like shape.

Very gently turn the napkin over and fold the top point downward.


Gently turn the napkin back over.

Roll the right side of the napkin over, a bit past the center point.
Fold the left side over and tuck it into the pocket on the right side.

Stand your napkin bunny upright. You may need to adjust the bottom to form a base.
Fluff the bunny ears and position the napkin on your plate.

There you have it. Cutest little bunny ears ever.     Happy Easter !


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