Classic White Blouse

Aww. A  crisp white blouse. It is a classic. No southern lady’s wardrobe has only one.  We have at least ten or more and they are  in different styles and length of sleeves. Some will be monogramed. Some will be fitted and others will be oversized for lounging, possibly your boyfriend’s or husband’s.  One thing for sure, you  can always use a new one. And when we are out shopping, we will go by the rack of white blouses just to see what it is complimenting in this new year’s fashion. A crisp white blouse adds a fresh look to many outfits. It  looks as awesome with jeans as  it does with a business suit . Paired with a long ballroom skirt, the look is stunning. It goes  from casual to sophisticated  and back to cuddly comfort for lounging. I wear mine tucked, untucked, wrapped, layered, unbuttoned, buttoned-up, sleeves rolled.   It is  the ultimate all-season wardrobe essential .   



My white shirt collection goes way back and I couldn’t part with any of them. They vary in their styles but the one thing they  have in common ;  all have a crisp white starched look. Many are monogramed.  White on white and  there is the black monogram on white . This is my favorite. I wear my white shirt with the black monogram with jeans. It pairs well with black trousers , layered with a red sweater tied around my shoulders.  My accessories  include a  single necklace during the day. My daytime jewelry favorites are by Brighton.  For dinner, I change out to a single strand of pearls and dressier shoes to complete the look.


Bright white doesn’t flatter everyone’s skintone.. So a “white” shirt might be soft white or a very pale pastel . If it’s  makes you light up, it is the perfect white. Just remember if it is crisp and starched looking, you will look amazing. Whiteblouse

What  I’m looking for when shopping in a white shirt are several things.  It needs a structured collar,  The shirt collar brightens the face and should be sturdy. The  armhole seam should line up with the edge of your shoulder and they should not bind when you reach your arms across your chest. The seams of the shirt  should be tailored with darting. This gives the illusion of length in your middle. The length of the sleeves depends upon the style of shirt.  I make sure the shirt is opaque enough not show  any  undergarment . A rounded shirttail reduces bulk and flatters your hips by drawing attention to your center.  And always I look for the blend of fabric.  There are many classic white shirts that are made with stretch cotton. This keeps wrinkles to a minimum and they are so comfortable.



My all time favorite crisp white shirt is a Brooks Brothers Non-Iron Dress Shirt specially treated to remain virtually wrinkle-free and machine washable. 

I Love my Chico’s ¾-length sleeved white no iron blouses. I have three: one is fitted .I wear it  tucked in or out . I have one size larger to wear out and use a belt with just a little of it hanging below my sweater.  My third is a longer length that I wear with leggings; and it’s perfect for travel.

And my classics are Jones New York and Talbots.  You can always use another white shirt.



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